Engineers reports

dilapidation inspection

A dilapidation inspection involves a site visit and detailed photography (internal and external) of the current condition of an asset or structure that could be impacted due to construction works. In the event damage is caused to a neighboring property or structure, all parties involved have a record (proof via photography) of the condition of the property/structure prior to the commencement of construction works.

Our engineers are trained and experienced, having completed over 500 inspections and reports in recent years. We are conscious of maintaining privacy, unobtrusiveness and courteousness all times.

Vibration monitoring

Vibration monitoring equipment rentals

  • We have a pool of instruments for rental, in a rugged, precision engineered, real time system
  • Enabled with SMS alerts and or onsite siren
  • Data collection and reporting

Onsite installation

Installation is a critical part of getting it right. Whether short, medium, or long-term, how and where each system is installed will play a crucial role in the validity and, hence, value of the data. We can refer you to a technical bulletin to complete your on-site installation, or we can do the install.